Expected Results

The project will result in a well funded practice oriented compendium on development of cheap and fast local broadband access as a tool of regional development in rural areas. Since investments by national telecom providers are not expected, adapted solutions with alternative cheap techniques applicable to a decentralized level will be developed as the core task of this project.
These solutions are only partly and in relatively small scale existing and more or less born from local initiatives. The know how gathered by the pioneers is not yet available for a broader public of interested areas. The project shall form a forum for all rural areas in the BSR interested to invest in broadband infrastructure. The state of existing practice and new experiences gathered by jointly implemented local case studies in this project will be documented & made available to be spread to other rural areas.

For the participating regions they will be concretized in local / regional broadband strategies, operating models, business plans and investment planning. Further new WEB based services in fields like e-government, e- learning, e-health will be implemented in a trans- national cooperative process which will also be documented in form of case studies. The potentials of fast internet for regional development can only be mobilized by an improved internet use in the local societies.

Thus the development of the E- community is another pillar of the project which will be reinforced by measures like access points for target groups without own internet access, raising E- literacy by training offers for these target groups & local community communication portals. Best practice will be described in an E-Community Guideline. Dissemination of the project idea and results is aiming on local and regional (NUTS II) stakeholders & other regions who might be interested to adopt the project results.