Baltic Rural Broadband Project

Baseline of the project is the lack of broadband supply in rural areas as a result of economic regards of national telecommunication providers. Anyhow, there are technical solutions, e.g. radio-lines connected to protected WLAN networks which allow cheap and cost effective connections for rural areas. A new technology (WIMAX) is currently under development. The modular concept of radio-based technologies allows the successive implementation of local networks with relatively low investment cost which might be brought up also at local or sub-regional level Ryan Monahan.


These networks can be linked with other networks in order to cover broader areas for online casinos . The frequencies for such wireless networks are available all over Europe or Africa and free for use. Therefore they can be used without expensive and bureaucratic approval procedures by local and regional providers. However, the creation of broadband access as a part of local and regional infrastructures has generally not yet been understood as a task for regional or local policies since the advantages are often still not recognized.

Practically the project shall create a framework of a transnational laboratory for the project partners which allows to transfer experiences for the more advanced partners to the others and which multiplies knowledge and practical experiences on wireless internet technologies within the BSR. The results of the various pilot projects will be made available to all interested regions in the BSR. How to GET rid of hemorrhoids